• Estimated Pricing TRAIL IN KIT - VERSIONE BASE

The TRAIL kit in basic version includes:

  • Pre-cut sheets, folded and perforated with holes mm. 2,5,
  • Fuselage frame, welded and painted,
  • Mechanical parts welded and, where necessary, painted,
  • Crossbow of the main landing gear folded,
  • Tundra wheels with disc brakes,
  • Pre-cut lexan glass,
  • Perforated cockpit,
  • Nylon wing tanks.

The TRAIL kit in basic version requires an average time of 600 hours to assembly the parts, following the installation manual, the construction drawings and photo steps provided.

The construction of the kit has been set in such a way that it is easy to assemble, without special processing and no jigging (CNC punched hole technology self rigging). The assembly requires a basic mechanical knowledge and gives the opportunity to build their own TRAIL in a personal way.