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Groppino. Ultralight sporter craft.
It was the reference ULM for hundreds of enthusiasts for flying with the wind in your face. Simple and robust it was produced in various versions: terrestrial, amphibian, hydro, skiing and also for farming treatments!

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DUI. First with folding wings.
All-aluminum with steel frame, it was created to properly interpret the Law-106 and respond to weights. Classic ULM in tandem /1+1 seats), its main feature is to have the wing folding system that permit to close the wings in few minutes and the aircraft can be easily transported and stored. It was built with different engines: HKS, 2-stroke Rotax 582 and 4-stroke Rotax 912 or Jabiru 2200.


FOLDER. Side-by-side with folding wings.
All-aluminum, with researched details, and with leather interior, the Folder has high quality flight characteristics, it is easy to handle and with a cruising speed of 190 km / h with variable pitch propeller and Rotax 912 ULS engine.
For all of these aircraft, which have been part of the history of Ing. Nando Groppo srl and that allowed the company to grow and become what it is now, there is a great used market. In addition the workshop is always available to provide spare parts, maintenance or advice.