Ing. Nando Groppo srl is a company “made in Italy” that was born in 1993 in Mezzana Bigli, near Pavia and specialised in designing and building ultra-light aircraft.

The founder is the aeronautical Engineer Nando Groppo, who since 1972 has been on the Italian market with engineering and construction of ULM aircraft. He also offered sales and support in Italy of imported aircraft and components.

The main purpose of the company is to promote ultralight flying, trying to meet the needs of those who approach for the first time in this fascinating sport and those who are passionate for many years.
Ing. Nando Groppo Srl is a leading manufacturer of ultra-light aircraft and covers both the design, the manufacturing and the retailing in both ready to fly and kit versions.

The work does not end with the sale of aircraft: in fact the company provides accessories, clothing, flight instruments, engine instruments, air communication systems, navigation systems and components.

Standing out in ultra-light aircraft manufacturing industry is not simple and requires a deep knowledge of the subject: Ing. Nando Groppo srl has a depth of experience that is necessary in changing times as the continuous evolution of the market requires searching for more precise details and particulars for the production of sophisticated aircraft.

The company’s strength is the ability to innovate and renew along with the changing world and to maintain at the same time, the spirit which it was born with: the desire for quality and love for an exciting and entertaining sport that has grown a ‘whole generation of pilots.
Excellent quality and reasonable prices: on these principles the company’s work has always been based and it still engages in the research of new products that meet the needs of the technology market without undermining the value factor.

The headquarters is located in the “Club Astra” airfield in Mezzana Bigli, in the south of Milan.
Currently the company is engaged in the development and manufacturing of TRAIL, an ultralight taildragger tandem aircraft, now sold all over the world, from Australia to the United States.