We would like to thank all those who took part in the Meeting which, like every year, we organized at our Airfield.

Thanks to our dealers, Ronny Schaefer for Germany, who also provided us the beautiful banners of the Trail and the G70 that adorn our hangars, Sandor Pinter for Hungary, which took wonderful photos of the new G70, and Silvio Vio for France, even if it has been with us for a short time.



Of course, then we want to thank all our guests, our customers who are now friends, like Kuno who came to visit us from Switzerland with all his beautiful family (Miriam, and his little girls Nina and Mia, only 3 weeks!), and all new faces, which we hope to see again soon and we hope to give them the joy of flying with our planes.

Thanks again to everyone, despite the weather a little ‘uncertain, was (as always) a memorable day.

See you next year!